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What I’m doing now I’m out of hospital

So, long time no update. It’s bad, I know, but I’ve been ridiculously busy with work over the summer. I’m looking to commit more time now to blogging and youtube because I love it as a place to be honest and document my life.

I was sectioned on the 13th of July. I absolutely hated that admission as only a week or so before, me and my mum had got a puppy. She’s called Pippin and I’ll attach a photo of her at the end of this post. I even spoke to an advocate and solicitor in order to request a tribunal. I was insistent that I was not staying in hospital and that I had been wrongly sectioned. I still believe sectioning me was unnecessary and if I had been given the opportunity I would have gone inpatient voluntarily.

When I was discharged from the ward and my section lifted I went to work over in Bristol at ‘Funland’, a funfair put on by one of my father’s friends. I absolutely love working there! I get on with the staff and some of them have become really close friends as we’ve worked together two seasons in a row. I love meeting new people and just being able to do what I want and be my self. I feel better when I am out there.

I’ve just applied for a job at the ice rink in Weston-Super-Mare. I’m hopeful I’ll get offered the job as I used to be an ice dancer and have had skating lessons for about 3 years so I’m very comfortable on the ice. I also applied to volunteer at the local Mind charity shop in the town where I live. only for a few hours a week but I feel like I’ll enjoy it and Mind is such a wonderful charity too.

Regarding continuing my education, I am either going to do an online access to nursing course through the Distance Learning Centre or go to the local college and complete the course. I would like to go to actual college as it’ll get me out the house and be more social but my worry is that if I get ill again and need a period of time off from college, would I be able to keep up from home? If the college gets back to me and says no and that I’d have to repeat the year I’ll most likely do the online course. I can’t wait to start my mental health nursing degree! I really want to be either a CAMHS, eating disorders or crisis team nurse! It’ll be a lot of hard work but I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end.

Lots of my friends are off to university this year which is so exciting and I can’t wait to go and visit them all and go out in all their different cities! One of my closest friends is going to Birmingham and my best friend and I are going to visit her once she’s settled.

Me and my best friend are also going to see Fickle Friends on the 26th of October which I’m super excited for as I loved their last gig I saw! They’re really good and up and coming so I recommend a listen!

I’m under the intensive support team over in Bristol but they are utterly rubbish if I’m honest, Harrow crisis team were in a different league in comparison. I’ve been referred for DBT but the waiting list is extensive and my GP and I don’t think my diagnosis of EUPD is right anyway. I will see the recovery team when I’m more stable (CMHT).

I gained a lot of weight over the summer and during my periods in hospital so I’d like to lose some of that too but in a healthy manor this time 🙂

I’ve posted on youtube too about my sectioning if anyones interested I’ll leave the link below!


Lara x

Personal Instagram: @l.a.a

Recovery Instagram: @saving.lara




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