Hey, I’m Lara, an 18 year old part-time London/Bristol girl…

I was under CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services) and saw a clinical psychologist called Paul every week, sometimes multiple times. I saw CAMHS for a year, from when I was 17 in February 2014 form to June 2017. I was also under the local crisis team from February until i moved to Somerset in august.

My diagnoses include EUPD, an eating disorder, severe anxiety and bipolar II, but I actually disagree with my personality disorder diagnosis as I only saw that Dr once at my CAMHS to CMHT transfer meeting and he hardly knew me.

I was doing A-levels at sixth form, studying Biology, Psychology and Chemistry but did not finish school as I was inpatient due to suicidal thoughts and an attempt. I was the deputy head girl of my school and used to be very active in the school community but became less so since I became more unwell.

Currently I am living in north Somerset, and am under the intensive support team (like crt) but they are pretty rubbish so I’m not receiving much support. I may go under the recovery team in the future who are AWPs version of CMHT.

I plan on blogging what happens from here on in just for my reference and as a diary that I can look back on 🙂


Happy reading,

Lara x